Review- A Warriner to Protect Her by Virginia Heath

Wow! What an opening scene! Fast, full of intrigue, suspense and set the pace for the entire book wonderfully. I would have happily stayed in… what’s the opposite of a man cave? Delightful den! Until this tale was over but I’ve carried this book around with me for days and now I’m devastated that it’s over, I may read it again.

Review -Waltzing with the Earl by Catherine Tinley

Waltzing with the Earl  Catherine Tinley Authors note, “… It’s my first published novel, and it began, as these things often do, with a ‘what’ if?”  This line filled me with the magical feeling of possibilities. This is Catherine Tinley’s debut novel and I have been desperate to read it! A wanna’ be writer coming full… Continue reading Review -Waltzing with the Earl by Catherine Tinley