Review. Forbidden: The Sheikh’s Virgin. Trish Morey.

Forbidden. The Sheikh’s Virgin.

Trish Morey

The ‘Blurb’…

as directly quoted from Forbidden. The Sheikh’s Virgin.Trish Morey

“Rafiq Al’Ramiz left his homeland behind – betrayed by the woman he loved. He’s hardened his heart and made his fortune – and now he must return: his country needs him. But he is more powerful than ever, and vengeance is high on his agenda!

Seeing Sera again, he finds the image he’s held of a heartless temptress at odds with her drab robes and downcast eyes. But, immune to her sob story, he will take what he’s owed! What will this ruthless sheikh do when he discovers the depth of Sera’s very real innocence?”


I have to confess when I started reading this title it was a random pick. I was unaware it was part of a mini series (Dark Hearted Desert Men) and this the second installment of four.

My first bite of a Modern romance in years and I confess after a little nibble I found it underwhelming ..

I questioned the plausibility of our alpha male, Rafiq Al’Ramiz, leaving his home country a boy scorned , only to return from a foreign land, a prince and royalty no less!

‘Unbelievable? Too cliché?’

But oh my, how I was wrong!

Trish Morey (the author) has not only woven a tangled web of desire between Rafiq and Sera but she has also highlighted the significance of Domestic Verbal Abuse #abuseisnotalwaysphysical and the utter disastrous affects it can have on the wellbeing of the strongest of women.

Such a theme and dark undercurrent of Sera’s loveless marriage I found refreshing. However it did not distract from the deep connection of her main characters. And only served to enhance Sera’s character and build the readers empathy for her.

Nor did it distract from what every romantic reader craves to have in any well rounded romance: conflict, strong willed but believable characters, an intense love affair that is emotionally satisfying to the reader and of course a ‘happy ever after.’

Trish has created an exotic, vibrant and sultry world in this modern romance. Yet the twists of the tale were unpredictable and anything but cliché.

Trish has swept me along a on a tidal wave of emotions with ‘Forbidden: The Sheikh’s Virgin’.

I have felt nostalgic about my own past, my own choices and have felt a deep connection to her style of writing and her ability to relate to the reader.

As after all, ‘don’t we all have our own savage wounds from our past that simply can’t heal?’ But as romantics we always hope that love will conquer all and Trish really has embraced this optimistic hope in her telling of Forbidden:The Sheikh’s Virgin.

I highly recommend it! As a stand alone book, overall, I thought it was a triumph. (I can’t comment on the other books in the series as i’m yet to read them!) 4/5 stars from me.

#modernromance #millsandboon #forbiddentheshieksvirgin #trishmorey


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