Review: The Bride’s Baby. Liz Fielding

 The Bride’s Baby  Liz Fielding 

The Blurb

Sylvie Smith fell in love with a single glance. But it was her friends soon to be husband that had her all a tingle and he’s just signed on the dotted line to let her organise their wedding!

As an aspiring writer 

I found Liz’s writing both appealing and inspiring. It was clear to see in her writing that the characters had true back stories, pasts that were not written on the page but were felt in the ‘believability’ and depth of her characters.

From a #research point of view it has been made clear to me that when writing, there has to be more than just an overview for each character. The writing must reflect who the characters are. Therefore  you, ‘the writer’ must know the alpha and heroine inside and out. How they will react to any situation life may throw at them!

Also when writing your character profiles an alpha or heroine with a vulnerability makes them not only relatable but believable! They must be the kind of character you’d wanna’ have a slice of cake and cup of tea with.

Writing romance can only come from the soul, the heart. The deep desire we all have to connect, to reach out and have our hand taken by our true loves. This has to be the key ingredient to any love story. I want to be the kind of writer that makes your toes tingle but your heart ache for your true love.

Keep researching! #millsandboon #proudpleasure #findyourvoice


Liz Fielding’s writing from the onset is swift and precise, whilst engaging and making the most innocent moments shared between Tom and Sylvie sensual. A delightful tale,as tender as spring rain but as“hot as Hades” in the sizzle department. Dare I say, Liz has tackled sensitive issues with a realistic charm.

Tom Mcfarlane is immediately shown to be a man of entrepreneurial spirit and drive. A man in control of his life, seeing his upcoming wedding as a simple deal to be brokered. But swiftly he learns that love has no control when cupids arrow strikes. But that’s the last thing Tom wants to do… loose control.

Sylvie  Smith is a woman spurned to be great by past aliments. Her challenging past has driven her into a successful career. But she has remained frozen, trapped in an emotional cocoon by a previous, shallow love rat.

Yet the first heart stopping encounter with “Tom Mcfarlane,” Sylvie,“glanced up and she felt a jolt – like the fizz of electricity from a faulty switch.” (Fielding.Chp.1.)“He might make her angry but for the first time in years she felt like a woman…” (Fielding.Chp.2.)

Liz has created a relatable and strong heroine, a woman that I certainly would like to have a cup of tea with.  Sylvie is smart, witty and  a perfect match for our alpha Tom. The story never dipped or left me wanting, it was an emotionally satisfying tale and one I certainly recommend for an afternoon read.

Perfect read 5/5 stars from me, Liz Fielding ‘The Brides Baby’ did exactly what it said on the tin.


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