Review: Stranded with the Secret Billionaire Marion Lennox

Stranded with the Secret Billionaire
Marion Lennox

The Blurb

Rescued by a brooding stranger, jilted heiress Penny Hindmarsh-Firth has set her broken heart on escaping high society city life. But she’s trapped by floods in the Outback, and a handsome stranger on horseback comes to her rescue!

After a betrayal shattered his life Matt Fraser withdrew from the world but he can’t deny Penny refuge. This secret billionaire is reluctantly intrigued as the society princess begins proving there’s more to her than meets the eye.


Our heroine, Penelope Hindmarsh-Firth, ‘Penny’ is feisty but nevertheless very charming. My first impressions of Penny were that she reminded me of a pop princess, all boobs, with big blonde curls and over-sized pink earrings… But boy, was I wrong! Our heroine is no pop-princess but a woman of substance and full of, “Pink Bravado!”

Penny was running away from a disapproving Father, a broken engagement and scandal; falling straight into the arms of our hero Matthew, ‘Matt’, Fraser. 

Matt is a cowboy knight with a black steed, oh, two Kelpies, horses and a lot of sheep! Matt is a tender hero but strong and commanding. In the eyes of our heroine he is,

“A loner. A man of strength and courage. Matt.” 

The conflicts between our hero and heroine are very relatable 

 in regard to family values and of having a sound moral compass. However, the secondary characters create some daring conflicts, conflicts, I felt myself, as the reader, difficult to digest.

I believe even villains need a redeeming feature. Whether it be the wicked Stepmother who deprives her Stepdaughter of love, secretly, is she only doing it out of the love she has for her true children?

However, all I felt from these ‘villainous’ secondary characters, was greed and self-worth, not a redeemable feature insight. A little one- dimensional.

However these conflicts do not detract from the central romance, which is both a loving and tender journey to their ‘happily-ever-after.’

Marion Lennox creates vivid scenery, almost as if you could smell the dew droplets on the grassy verge… I want to say it was a ‘homely’ tale as the blossoming central romance made me feel cosy and comforted. To quote our heroine Penny,

“It felt like home… it felt right.” 

My shining moment from this title was Matt’s mantra, Something I feel we should all strive for as human beings everyday! 
Have the, 

“Courage to change the things that can be changed, strength to accept those things that can’t be changed and wisdom to know the difference…”

Although the central romance between Matt and Penny was the highlight for me. This tender tale isn’t one I’d read again. 3/5 stars from me.

Out for release 1st April 2017.

Review. The Italian’s One-Night Baby. Lynne Graham. M&B Modern Romance.

The Italian’s One-Night Baby

Lynne Graham

The Blurb

With this ring…

Beautiful doctor Ellie Dixon once rejected Rio Benedetti’s passionate advances – and the fiery Italian hasn’t forgotten the insult! Ellie’s arrival in Italy, bearing an antique sapphire ring and claiming to be the daughter of Rio’s godfather, reawakens his rage…and a devastating longing!

I thee claim!

Rio won’t stop until he uncovers Ellie’s captivating curves – her heated surrender can’t come quickly enough! Facing the consequences of their abandon, Rio realises Ellie’s pregnancy will break his godfather’s heart. There’s one solution: Rio will have to seduce her all the way to the altar…

The Review

Ellie Dixon, our heroine, is a junior Doctor, Sister to Queen, Polly, of Dharia. She is a vision in the eyes of our hero, Rio Benedetti, all red curls and emerald green eyes. 

Images of entrancing sirens or bewitching mermaids came to my mind but with a tongue as volatile as a wild cat! I thought she was a strong heroine and quick witted. But a fool when it came to the attentions of our hero.

Ellie wanted to find the truth of her heritage on a journey of self-discovery in Italy but little did she know it would bring her into the company of the man she had so harshly rejected two years before. 

Rio Benedetti, a “hit it and quit it kind of guy…” Had his advances spurned by Ellie and the distasteful rejection has still not been forgotten! Ellie describes Rio as a ,

“Man-whore?” yet as “hot as hellfire…” 

I thought our hero, Rio, was strong and intoxicating, lithe and panther-like. Rio’s character had me giggling like a pubescent teen. Don’t we all love a man with self-confidence, a man who knows where he’s going in life, completely in control? But would risk it all for the love of a woman? Rio’s character is that man.

“She had never met such a stunningly good-looking male as Rio and when she had, she had caved as fast as a brick shed on sand foundations…”

The plot gained speed very quickly, with enough twists and turns to keep you gripped. The dialogue and banter between our characters is witty, funny and insightful.

I did love the moral of this story. Or the moral that connected with me the most. ‘It doesn’t matter where you start in life, your past, your genes… You are unique and special. Fight for the person you are, be who you are meant to be and don’t let circumstance out of your control dictate who you are!’ 4/5 stars from me.

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Review: Miss Bradshaw’s Bought Betrothal

 Miss Bradshaw’s Bought Betrothal 

Virginia Heath

A little information for the newbies, like me, to the Historical Romance genre… 

This title is a Harlequin, Mills & Boon Historical Romance. Historical Romances include Regency heartthrobs, (think of Mr Darcy with an attitude), delicious Vikings (think Beowulf, my heart does skip a beat when I think of Ray Winston) and fearsome highlanders (think Braveheart,“They may take away our lives, but they will never take away our FREEDOM!”) and more! 

I don’t quite know how I’ve managed to avoid reading a Historical Romance with those images dancing around in my head!

The Blurb

She’d done it! Plain, invisible Evelyn had escaped…

Fed up with being a doormat to her evil stepmother, heiress Evelyn Bradshaw pays a dissolute rake to pose as her betrothed so she can secure her freedom. But then her fake fiancé leaves her with his estranged brother Finn Matlock and disappears!

Having withdrawn from the world the last thing Finn needs is the temptation of a woman, especially one like Evie. She has an irritating habit of causing chaos wherever she goes and being in places she shouldn’t…including, as he soon learns, his heart!


I really enjoyed the authors note, don’t skip it! I felt it really gave a wonderful insight as to why the ‘Cinderella’ Fairytale got Virginia Heath’s creative juices flowing.

Right, now for what you’re waiting for.

A tale of re-invention, discovery and growth. A twist on a Cinderella tale I found riveting. Moral of the story: grab life by the lapels and bring it to you, kicking and screaming if you have to.

Evelyn Bradshaw, ‘Evie’, our heroine. “Too fat, too plain and far too old?” Nonsense. A caterpillar waiting to unleash its beauty and lavish its colours upon the world. Evie is a wonderful heroine, a true woman, with curves, bounce and ‘nearly’ an attitude.

Evie decides to take control of her life, lapels firmly in hand and pays a brute with a title, Marquis of Stanford, Fergus Matlock, to play her fiancée so she can escape the vicious clutches of her evil Stepmother and Stepsisters.

And what a Stepmother Hyacinth Bradshaw is. As a secondary character I thought she was brilliant. She grated on me like finger nails on a chalk board. Perfectly embodying my perception of an evil Stepmother.

This plan of escape brings Evie into the hands of Finnegan ‘Finn’ Matlock. Our hero is ‘curmudgeon’,my new favourite word, meaning: ‘a bad tempered or surly gentlemen’ and yet he is as sexy as a ripe peach on any given summers day.

The central romance tackles sensitive issues thoughtfully, with care and justice. As our hero and heroine heal hurts of the past and hurl themselves into the future, you will be weeping, wooing and swooning as conflicts are overcome and love blossoms.

A truly uplifting tale that made me woo with glee and made that busy muscle in my chest swell. An elating tale of love, self discovery, self-determination and down-right wonderful writing. 5/5 stars from me.