Review. Greek Tycoon, Wayward Wife. Sabrina Phillips.

Greek Tycoon, Wayward Wife

The Blurb…

“Trembling with trepidation, Libby Delikaris braves the lion’s den to ask her Greek husband for a divorce. But he’s more merciless than she remembers, and suddenly finds her plan has crumbled.

The infamous Rion Delikaris knew Libby would return before long. He’s been patiently waiting. No Longer the boy from the slums, he’s ready to show his wife whats she’s been Missing!” 

As directly quoted, ‘Greek Tycoon, Wayward Wife.’ (Sabrina Philips. 2010. Mills and Boon.)


The writing was wonderful. It set the scene effortlessly and competently. Sabrina Phillips is Mills and Boon personified and why I want to join such an illustrious group of authors at M&B. The scene was set with what felt like minimal effort (a wonderful skill). Sabrina (the author) breathed life into the heroine and alpha within the first few paragraphs and I was hooked on them both.

My first impressions of the heroine (Liberty) Libby Delikaris, are that she is an independent woman, strong willed and quick witted. Demanding to be respected on her own terms and for her own merits. A sexy, sassy, free spirit if you will. However the last bit of freedom she wants is not actually what she needs…

I felt as the book developed that Libby’s character was a refreshing take on a heroine; still a sexy vixen but with free flowing gypsy skirts and comfy sandals.

My first impression of (Orion) Rion Delikaris, a boy from the slums turned billionaire is that he could be, the most desirable man on the planet,” (Philips .pp.15. 2010.) Rion screams alpha from the first paragraph. Strong, hungry and all set for revenge! I was instantly captivated by his Greek pride and sultry sexiness!  

The central romance plot I found fast paced and thrilling. I thought Sabrina deftly portrayed the inability we can sometimes have as human beings of not seeing beyond our own insecurities. Insecurities lead to assumptions. This title delved into the human mindset of not being able to see past these flaws and how it can influence the most important relationships that we can have.

The sexual connection between these two characters is probably one of the hottest I have encountered with any Mills and Boon Modern Romance. (So far on this journey of research.)

The tension between these two characters was palpable from the start. As the title continued it just built and built and built until it reached a very gratifying end. 

From a research point of view one of the highlights of reading this title was the ease in which the author transported us to Metameikos, a province split between luxury, poverty and somewhere in between. 

It highlighted the importance of researching the characters destinations past, present and future to make it believable. 

A must read for any #trueboonie! 

5/5 stars from me!

Absolutely loved it! But can, anyone that has read it, tell me whatever happened to the taxi driver? Was he left with the meter ticking while love blossomed? Hmmm…

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And tell me what you think! 

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