Review – To Sin with the Tycoon Cathy Williams

To Sin with the Tycoon 

Cathy Williams 

Book Information “The Blurb”

First book in the ‘Seven Sexy Sins Series’, Sloth. Gabriel Cabrera can get anything he wants! That is until he meets PA Alice Morgan and realises three things: 1) He’s jealous… a first. 2) He’s in pursuit… also a first. 3) She’s immune to his charms… definitely a first! So he’ll draw her to him—his every word an innuendo promising pleasure, his every touch sinfully seductive—and sweet, virginal Alice will come to him willingly so Gabriel can claim his prize…”


The scene is set in the lavish surroundings of the Shard in London. The alpha,”Mr Big”, (a salute maybe to the girls of Sex and the City?) Gabriel Cabrera, “…Played by his own rules… came and went as he pleased… did as he wanted…was unpredictable and a law unto himself.” A womanizer, too lazy to play the prince in the game of love. And I found him instantly shallow and indigestible…

However, Cathy Williams (the author) cleverly and refreshingly outlined Gabriel as an inconsiderate toad, to be hated and loathed; only to turn it on his head and have me swooning over the pages!

An absolute refreshing take on an alpha but an alpha nevertheless! He appears arrogant and unappealing with a combustible ego. But somehow the author manages to turn these traits into endearing qualities. He becomes an object of fascination, a predator, powerful and protective. Lovable? Oh yes!

Gabriel is multifaceted. This is clearly portrayed with hints of vulnerability and need. Needs that we know (as the reader) can be , not only met, but obliterated by the prickly and quick witted Alice Morgan, our heroine.

Alice Morgan, a plain Jane with a smart mind but nothing more? Absolutely not! I was unsure of our heroine in the beginning pages… As Gabriel could not see past the drab attire she was wearing. But this was a tale of love blooming, of true beauty being revealed to the beholder with a magnificent flare.

The central romance plot was quick paced and exciting. However, my only criticism of this love affair of the heart, is I felt Alice should have been a virgin and I feel the writing up to this scene more than hinted that she was… That said, the love scenes were written with spice and heat, depth and intensity. A recommended read. 4/5 stars.

To Sin with the Tycoon – Cathy Williams. Purchase here.


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