Review – Sinful Truths, Anne Mather

Sinful Truths – Anne Mather

The Blurb, Book Information.

Jake McCabe had separated from his wife Isobel, convinced that the daughter to whom she’d given birth was not his. Proud, and insistent that Emily is Jake’s child, Isobel has struggled on alone as a single mother.

But now Jake finds himself in Isobel’s life once more and snared again by the same heated desire for her that held him fast when they were first married…and which entangled him in a web of lies and regret. It’s all Jake can do to keep control. Seducing Isobel can only add to the tally of their sins, and it won’t change the truth of her betrayal…will it? 

Should he seduce his own wife?

As an aspiring writer…

As an aspiring writer I felt Anne Mather’s dialogue between our two love birds at war, was believable and really highlighted who the characters were. The opening chapter really defined Jake’s demeanor and outlook towards love and life. To put it in one word he was bitter. Bitter but equally as irresistible.

Anne’s secondary characters, I thought, were some of the best I have come across in my research so far into the M&B modern romance genre. They were ‘wholesome’, full rounded characters. But in no shape or form did these characters detract from the central romance, which I loved! Any of these characters could have their own spin off titles.

Research conclusion, if you will, is that secondary characters must have as much detail planned into them as your main hero, heroine or central romance. Also, dialogue, keep it pointed and short. Anne’s dialogue throughout this title was punchy and quick. But most of all I thought it was believable, especially the heated ‘augmentative’ scenes.


But as a reader I felt something was missing.

Our hero Jake McCabe’s unstable childhood had given him the determination to succeed in his career and succeed he did; shockingly wealthy and roguishly handsome but I found it really difficult to find him endearing.

Isobel Lacey/McCabe after an unfortunate ‘mistake’ found herself a single Mother, struggling in a stylish home, with a daughter in private education and a Mother with titles and lands… I found parts of her story contradictory to the term ‘struggling’ and thus became, unrelatable to me the reader.

Isobel’s emotional struggles as she tried to work through her relationship with Jake were well captured by the writing but I still can’t put my finger on what was missing! I wanted more. More dazzle and shine perhaps. 

The characters although well written didn’t pull on any emotional chord for me. 

It was a well written title but not one I would read again. 3/5 stars from me .


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