Review: The Duke’s Mistress. Carole Mortimer

The Duke’s Mistress 

Carole Mortimer

The Blurb

The Duke’s Mistress is the story of an arrogant duke and an adventurous young widow, caught up in their insatiable desire for each other, the vengeful woman who would like nothing better than to see Blackmoor suffer as she has suffered, and believes Thea Fitzroy to be the means by which she will achieve it.


Carole Mortimer’s Unlaced Series, Book 1, The Duke’s Mistress.

First chapter and I have to say I wasn’t prepared for it. It was dark and gritty; hints of murder, spies, lies and deceit… I was hooked and I wanted, no, I needed, more. And then the story really smacked me in the face in the second chapter. (Tea spitting moments if you please!) Hot! Hot! Hot!

A very mild taste of some of the very direct writing,

Thea desired a lover. Not wanted one. Nor needed one. But she most certainly desired andached for one.”

Dorothea, ‘Thea’ Fitzroy: was a young bride to a man 25 years her senior; now widowed and craving a very virile lover. And he comes in the form of Julian Rupert Sylvester Remington, the 7thDuke of Blackmoor. He instantly grabbed me as a man of passion, dark and looming… Oooozing aristocratic appeal.

I would tell you some of the other names he prefers to be called by but that would spoil such a great scene!

This is a highly sexed title, no other way to put it. Nevertheless they were necessary scenes which highlighted the connection between our hero and heroine. It captured those crazed moments when a love affair begins, of the bubble lovers create around themselves as if they are the only ones in existence.

It is a love story of the dazzling moments of lust, of love breaking down the barriers that threaten to block cupids arrow and of a true connection of the souls. Also a story of self discovery, growth in spirit and determination. for both our heroine and our hero.

The central romance was the highlight of this title for me, however the twists and turns of this book were not predictable in the least. Secondary characters were palpable without being overshadowing
This is a step away from my beloved Mills & Boon, it was a recommended read by a fellow #Boonie and a lover of romance. I’m glad I ventured into the unknown. 4/5 stars from me.


Purchase here, currently free on Amazon Kindle (16/02/2017)

Carole Mortimer Author Page


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