Review: Rumours on the Red Carpet Carole Mortimer

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Rumours on the Red Carpet 

Carole Mortimer 

The Blurb

Learning at the hands of a billionaire…

When a dream holiday propels Thia into the glittering world of New York’s scandalous elite, she catches the eye of renowned businessman Lucien Steele. For the first time, Thia’s determined to take what she really wants…love and life in the fast lane!


Lucien Steele,our hero, from the onset is a sexual predator and marks his prey within the first few pages. He is strong and willful, a “…danger to all women with a pulse…” But he only has eyes for our heroine, Cynthia, ‘Thia’ Hammond.

Thia’ is a young and determined lady. In the eyes of our hero, she is a woman that embodies all things sinful… Thia’s quick tongue and young, boisterous nature allows Lucien’s mask to fall and for his ‘true-self’ to appear.

This is the second title I have read by Carole Mortimer and I have to say she has a very distinct voice and a very compelling style! I can understand why she is a ‘go to‘ author for many. 

The plot evolved very quickly, maybe, a little too rushed… Lust at first sight and marriage soon after.. But without a doubt it is a ‘sexy’ read.

The heroine and hero are both strong characters, the dialogue is fast and sensual. A recommended read for any Carole Mortimer fan.

But a little too fast for me and lacked a little substance. 3.5 /5


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