Review: Waltzing with the Earl – Catherine Tinley

Waltzing with the Earl 
Catherine Tinley

Authors note, 

“… It’s my first published novel, and it began, as these things often do, with a ‘what’ if?” 

This line filled me with the magical feeling of possibilities. This is Catherine Tinley’s debut novel and I have been desperate to read it! A wanna’ be writer coming full circle and firmly placing herself in the writing world. Inspiration for any aspiring writer, when the writing is this good! 

The Blurb

A wallflower’s time to shine…

The Earl of Shalford needs to marry into money to save his estate. Wealthy and beautiful Henrietta Buxted should be the perfect candidate. So why does his eye keep wandering to her quiet cousin Charlotte Wyncroft?

Charlotte watches Henrietta’s games of courtship with wry amusement. That is, until a stolen dance reveals a hidden side to the earl. Penniless Charlotte knows she’s far from a suitable match yet, in Adam’s arms, she can dream of the happily-ever-after she’s always wanted!


“…This story focuses more on the drawing room than the bedroom…” But do not let that deter you from reading what is a story rich in subtle history and magical in its complex simplicity. The fashion… the history…the romance, I loved it!

Adam Fanton, the ‘Earl of Shalford’ is composed and responsible, and is somewhat disgusted by the vain ladies of the Ton  “… Not one of these ladies has the power to hold my attention…”  

Then came along Charlotte Wyncott. A heroine as charming as she is faultless! Adam awakens a tender hunger in Charlotte and within himself…

As an uninvited guest Charlotte is cast upon the Buxted Family. These characters will have you stamping your feet in frustration. Utterly frustrating in their opinions but just as brilliant in their development as secondary characters. 

An example opinion of the vile Mrs Buxted, “…Our weak feminine brains cannot cope with the complexities of knowledge…” Ouch!

But other secondary characters, such as Charlotte’s Papa, ‘Sir Edward Wyncott’ and the Godmother/Aunt of Adam, ‘Lady Sophia Annesley’  are without a doubt to be loved and adored, full of wisdom and charisma. 

‘Waltzing with Earl’ brings about a storm of emotions. I was whimsical, then I was wide-eyed, turning the pages faster and then, I was swirling around the living-room!

 Absolutely thrilling. Magical. Simply magical. Waltzing with the Earl’ in my opinion is firmly set to become one of the classics. 5/5 stars from me! 

 Out now! Buy it here: Waltzing with the Earl by Catherine Tinley 

Harry’s story next and I can’t wait.

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