Review: Beyond the Limits by Katherine Garbera

Beyond the Limits 
by Katherine Garbera

The Blurb 

This mission is out of control…

Astronaut Isabelle Wolsten fought like hell to be one of the final candidates for the CRONUS mission to space. She can’t afford to be distracted by teammate Antonio “Playboy” Curzon‘s broad shoulders, dark, sexy eyes and hot-as-hell Spanish accent. But one searing kiss from Antonio, and Izzy knows she’s definitely hit mission critical.

When the two astronauts are put in direct competition for a top spot on the mission, they’ll be tested beyond their limits. Getting involved with Antonio is dangerous—but not nearly as dangerous as the feelings Izzy’s starting to have for him. With everything she’s fought for on the line, falling for this space cowboy might just ground Izzy’s dreams for good…

The Review

A cowboy with a Spanish accent and bulging biceps … could you ask for anymore? Of course and this story delivers; it’s wonderfully complex and multifaceted.

Our hero, Antonio Curzon is, “…tender yet dominant…” But as well as being sexy, strong and in-control, he has flaws & weaknesses that make him human, relatable and ultimately believable.

Our heroine Astronaut Isabelle, ‘Izzy’, Wolstenis is determined with a steel-like attitude, she knows what she wants and she’s damn well going to get it! Much like our hero but his determination is driven with a smile. Izzy is aptly called ‘Bombshell’, her official call sign. But less endearingly ‘Ice-Queen’ by her colleagues…

However, some truth lingers in the name ‘Ice-Queen’ as she has has been frozen to all else by her desire to succeed. Antonio merely thinks of her as ‘Izzy’, sexy as hell but with ‘off limits’ stamped on her forehead.

But the ice begins to melt when desire starts to turn into something else, “…it seemed that when it came to love, caution wasn’t easy…”

Starting this book, I did think maybe I would find the characters career aspirations a little ‘alien’ to me. But no, this space themed romance really rocked my world! Characters with real, relatable demons that made me want to hug them!

Look out for the moment in the tub! If I wasn’t in love with Antonio before, I sure was after this encounter with him! Hotter than hot but sweeter than sweet…

Katherine Garbera has an addictive style of writing; it’s fast and passionate but above all, she has created such believable characters with incredible depth. 5/5 stars from me!

This is the last book in the Space Cowboys series but I have read it as a stand-alone.


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