Review: An Unexpected Countess by Laurie Benson

An Unexpected Countess 
by Laurie Benson 
The Blurb 

‘Dash it, Miss Forrester, what are you doing up here?’

The Earl of Hartwick delights in scandalising the Ton with his behaviour. But it’s his turn to be scandalised when, on one of his escapades, he bumps into Miss Sarah Forrester—in the rain, at night, on a rooftop!

Sarah is hunting for a diamond, and the last thing she needs is the infuriating Hart distracting her. But he’s looking for the jewel too! They might be rivals, but the sparks between them are uncontrollable. And soon Sarah finds herself longing for another treasure—becoming Hart’s countess!

The Review

Our hero, The Earl of Hartwick, Hart, is a charming and disarming Lothario, a philanderer, “…There was nothing like the thrill of finding alternative ways to escape the town houses of his female companions…” Seemingly nothing but “a rakish buck!”

But this is pure and simply a mask, an un-penetrable shield, to protect his heart from ever feeling the touch of love again… 

Hart seeks the night time attention of women but only those whose hearts (or loyalty) lie with another and therefore no risk of loosing his heart. Until he meets Sarah, the wonderful Miss Forrester, our heroine. 

Sarah is the daughter of the American Minister to the Court of St James and she “…Enjoyed unnerving people with her candour.” Sarah is spirited and open-minded. She has wonderful views on life and just how to live it! 

The message that stayed with me and I wholeheartedly agree is that: ‘you’ determine who you are, not your ancestors, not even your own past, yesterday was yesterday, ‘today’ become the person you want to be, the person you truly are. 

The chemistry between this pair crackled with heat from the get-go! They danced to each others tune emotionally, intellectually and spiritually and I adored them. 

“You’re a smart woman. I’m a smart man. Let’s match wits.” Sarah and Hart truly did match wits throughout this story with witty dialogue and clever writing. Writing that firmly places you into Sarah and Hart’s world. 

An unexpected Countess is a romance that will grip you from the get go with it’s sizzling dialogue, fast pace and unexpected plot twists. But be warned, it will leave you howling when it’s over. I wanted to stay in Hart and Sarah’s world and see them through to old age! 

An Unexpected Countess is Book #3 in the Secret Lives of the Ton and I read it as a standalone. But I cannot wait to read the other two books in this series. My first Laurie Benson title but it certainly will not be my last. 5/5 stars from me!


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