Rejection… a dirty word? No! I am a Princess-Writer-Warrior, who are you?

It’s official. Today I received my first rejection letter. I closed the email… It was meant to be perceived as a light and hopeful rejection letter.

But it was a rejection letter without my name and a single spelling mistake, (but my beady eyes picked it up) and it was generic, not personal…

I was warned!

I thought, do I now hide my head in shame? Is the writer’s path not for me? Am I not good enough? Do I stamp my feet as if I’m an angst filled teenager?

I hate to say it, but those were the first questions that sprung to my mind. But then the princess-warrior-writer inside me slammed her fists into the creative pulse in my heart and I started to write. I was inspired and eager to bring the story in my head to life.

Rejection, is it a dirty word? No! I’m wearing it as a badge of honour.

My first tentative step into the world of writing and publishing and I’m a better/stronger writer for it. Because of my short writer’s journey so far, I was able to re-read my submission and see the mistakes.

I questioned all the aspects of my submission. My hero, was he swoon-worthy, strong, loveable?  In my head he was but my writing portrayed him as tame…

My heroine, I thought she was on the road to self-discovery but she came across as ‘flighty’

The conflict, would it sustain my hero and heroine through to their happily ever after? It needed more… But you see,  already I’m able to look at my writing with a stronger critical eye.

I am reading, I am writing and I am learning.

Rejection is part and parcel of wanting to write professionally. The princess or  prince writer-warrior inside you will fight the battles between your head and your heart. Let your heart win. Let the passion drive you… #keepwriting #amwriting #amlearning #stronger #better

I am a Princess-Writer-Warrior, who are you?

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6 thoughts on “Rejection… a dirty word? No! I am a Princess-Writer-Warrior, who are you?

  1. Aw, Amy, I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get the news you wanted! But you absolutely have the right attitude, which will carry you throughout your writing career. Disappointment is absolutely normal though, so give yourself time to grieve, and then get up and try again. We all experienced rejection, but if you see it as an opportunity to learn and grow, it’s almost (though not quite 😉 ) welcome. So proud of you for taking a chance and submitting, and will be keeping thumbs for the future! xxx

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  2. Amy, keep going. Every rejection builds you as a writer. It makes you tough and I speak from experience. I remember my first rejection letter years ago. I had been in my mid-teens and had balled my eyes out. Then after each R letter I received after that ( there were over six -YIKES!) the tears ceased (well I was internally dejected) but I kept writing. I’m still learning my craft but I’m in a better mindset.

    PS: We should become critique buddies! 😉

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  3. Agree with all of the above Amy. Anyway, I read your blog all the time and keep coming back for more so you must be a good writer!

    I received a very similiar email myself yesterday and there was a time when I would have let that hold me back with thoughts of not being good enough.

    But not anymore.

    I have read enough author call stories to know that many wonderful writers go through several cycles of rejection/encouragement/rejection on their path to publication (see the wonderful Jessica Gilmore’s Sprig Muslin blog for an example).

    So keep going honey. I KNOW you will get there.

    Best wishes



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